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02 March 2015 @ 11:23 pm
Just sorting out my projects  
ETA 1/1/2017: Um so yeah, we're totally retired. Sorry. This is now an archive of my failed ambitions. XD

Requests are closed! Sorry, enshinge and I just don't have the time.

These are all of the things that I'll be working on soon someday. XD

Date Name Status
100225Tunnels-san no Mina-san no Okage Deshita (Kuwazugirai)need translator
100213Tetsuko no Heyaneed translator
091004Oshareism with hottiex4 8Dneed translator
(DVD)HK DVD extrasneed translator
 Nakai's drama SPneed translator
090429HaneTobineed translator
090514Tunnels no Mina-sanneed translator
0609082jipita (Kisarazu Cat's Eye cast 8D)need translator
 Vanilla Kibun?
 Shun stuff~ (w/Taijiproject)...?
TOMAlicious Fansubs (TFS) - on hiatus
*There's a more up-to-date list at our LJ comm.^^

With enshinge ♥
Artist(s) Date Name Status
Arashi + Eito???Papapapappuffy with Baru and Ninoneed better raw
Eito - Yoko + Tacchon070327Chichin Puipuiwaiting for trans
Eito + SMAP + TOKIO070406Music Station Spring SP cutwaiting for trans
Eito - Yoko070310Vanilla Kibun (cut)waiting for trans
KinKi Kids090202Heyx3 - Karaoke comp + Yakusoku...not sure
KinKi Kids081226MSSL 2008 - talk + Secret Codewaiting for trans
MA070508Gokigenyou (#2)waiting for trans
MA070505Vanilla Kibunwaiting for trans
MA011014SC (cut)waiting for trans
MA020526SC (cut)waiting for trans
Shounentai - Higashi080216Merengue no Kimochiwaiting for trans
Tackey & Tsubasa050509Heyx3waiting for trans
TOKIO + KinKi990227Love Love Aishiteru 8Dwaiting for trans
TOKIO060203Zoom In (cut what you want out)waiting for trans
TOKIO - Taichi060711Mezamashi - Dandoriwaiting for trans
TOKIO - Nagase070206Mezamashi - Body Wild CMwaiting for trans
TOKIO - Gussan070713Zoom In - Juken no Kamisama promo 8Dwaiting for trans
TOKIO070720Zoom Inwaiting for trans
TOKIO - Gussan071023Zoom Inwaiting for trans
TOKIO071211Zoom Inwaiting for trans
TOKIO071217Zoom In - New Yearswaiting for trans
TOKIO080310Mezamashi - Gussan's marriagewaiting for trans
TOKIO + KinKi Kids040927Heyx3 SP cuts (22 min)waiting for trans
TOKIO061206FNS - Talk + Sorafunewaiting for trans
TOKIO061129Best Artist - talk + Sorafunewaiting for trans
TOKIO021206MS - talk + ding-dongwaiting for trans
TOKIO031003MS - talk + 2 rankings + Ambitious Japanwaiting for trans
TOKIO - Gussan070714Merengue no Kimochi cutwaiting for trans
TOKIO - Gussan090418Merengue no Kimochi cutwaiting for trans
TOKIO041115Heyx3 - Talk + Jibun no Tame niwaiting for trans(!)
[karaoke done]
TOKIO(DVD)TOKIO Station II (Taiyou)waiting for trans
TOKIO(DVD)Subeki koto PV makingwaiting for trans
TOKIO(DVD)Taiyou to Sabaku no Bara PV makingwaiting for trans
TOKIO(DVD)Get Your Dream PV makingwaiting for trans
TOKIO(DVD)Love Love Manhattan PV making (5 minutes~)waiting for trans
TOKIO(DVD)GREEN PV making (only 6 minutes~)waiting for trans
TOKIO(DVD)Sorafune PV makingwaiting for trans
TOKIO(PV)Plus PVsubbing
TOKIO(PV)Haruka PVsubbing
TOKIO(PV)Hanauta PVsubbing
TOKIO(PV)LOVE YOU ONLY (1994 ver) PVsubbing
TOKIO(PV)Uwasa no Kissu PVsubbing
TOKIO(PV)Kaze ni Natte PVsubbing
TOKIO(PV)Julia PVsubbing
TOKIO(PV)Love & Peace PVsubbing
TOKIO(PV)Kimi wo Omou Toki PVsubbing
TOKIO(PV)Message PVsubbing
TOKIO(PV)Kanpai PVsubbing
TOKIO (Nagase)(PV)Sakuraba Yuichiro - Omae Yanai to Akannen PVsubbing
V6050926TFPIItranslating pt2~
[3/48 min XD]
V6 (Tonisen) OJN, KJN PVget from Amy?
V6 (Tonisen)(DVD)Honeyx3 concert MC clipwaiting for trans
+ Eito Narutomos + TOKIO PVs and their makings (specified some of them^^)
+ Awesome show with half of Eito, someday...
+ A billion things I haven't listed :x
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